Happythai Online Store

Online Hypermarket Happythai Online Store presents Thai Cosmetics and Health products from leading companies of the Kingdom.

AJAX method used in this web application let us update a web page without reloading the page. This is very useful, e.g., when you change the number of products in your cart and see the final price at once. This shop uses Thailand Post API to update shipping price for all destinations. Adaptive design for mobile devices.

Thai natural cosmetics for body care: coconut oil, shampoo and conditioners based on Thai fruit, gorgeous Thai scrubs.
Hygiene products: toothpaste based on Thai herbs with whitening effect, a natural fruit soap with an indescribable flavor, based on exotic Thai fruits.
Thai traditional medicine: famous Thai balms and ointments, herbal teas, unique noni juice.
Natural honey and bee products from the virgin forests of the Northern Thailand: pollen, propolis, scrub. Ingredients and concentrates for preparing awesome Thai national cuisine dishes: fish sauce, tom yum and curry paste, coconut milk, etc.

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  • CMS: Prestashop 1.6
  • Features: PHP, JS, AJAX
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